Liberal Music & Arts School is proud to introduce a new cultural curriculum which promotes traditional painting and sculpture. Our experienced instructors will guide you with a step by step methodology and we also offer advanced or customized courses tailored to your needs.


The young artist course is specially designed for children aged 3 to 5 years, who has shown a keen interest in the arts. Through creative engagements, we will bring the child on an artistic journey, tingling their senses and sparkling creativity with self expression.


Our creative art courses is designed for all ages, to bring out the inner appreciation for arts that is present in each of us. Elevating the level of perception, creative imagination, understanding and hand-mind coordination. Interactions with the arts will materialize through games, story, performance and handy crafts, from paper cutting, clay sculpturing to puzzle piecing and even blow art. The multi spectrum offerings in our course will ignite and sustain the student’s interest continuously with fresh challenges throughout the course, rather than an inanimate subject of interest.


The professional art course offers the same curriculum by the central academy of fine arts in China. This course is an advanced course in the arts and will elevate the student’s artistic flair and creative skills. Commencing with a detailed training in still life 3D sphere, portrait life drawing, sketching, acrylic, water colour and oil painting. Guiding the student through the use of multiple materials to express their artistic creations and enabling their morphosis to the professional realm.


This customized course targets the differential interests of the student and enable them to creative the appropriate works of art collection to apply successfully for SOTA/DSA/IGCSE/O LEVEL/SUTD/COLLEGE APPLICATION GLOBALLY. Students will receive focus training on their weaker skills and our instructors will design a customized program to prepare them fully for the application.