My daughter, Victoria Tan, is 9 years old. Two and a half years ago, she took a keen interest in Chinese music, and so began her musical journey with Liberal Music and Arts School. Her first string instrument was the Zhong Ruan in Sep 2009. After merely 4 months of lessons she took the Grade 2 exam at the NUS Centre for the Arts and passed with a Merit Award.

Mesmerized by the beautiful sounds of the Guzheng, Victoria switched to taking Guzheng lessons in Apr 2010. Eight months later she took the Grade 4 exam (in Dec 2010) at the NUS Centre for the Arts and again passed with a Merit Award. Under the tutorage of Ms Zhao, Victoria took her Grade 5 Guzheng exam at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Dec 2011 and scored herself a Distinction.

The teachers at Liberal Music and Arts School are professionals in their own fields. They are dedicated in instructing and sets high standards for their students. The school also organizes events for the students periodically to expose them to public performance. Victoria has made several public performances during the past year. These included the Charity for Japan @ Boat Quay (Mar 2011), a fundraiser in aid of the Japan Tsunami victims and at the Lantern Festival @ Chinese Garden (Sep 2011), which is the traditional venue in Singapore for celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival and the School’s own Concert at the Lee Foundation Hall in Dec 2011.

With Liberal Music and Arts School, Victoria has transformed from a timid little girl to one who is confident and has the drive to strive for excellence not only in music but also in her school work.

Mr. Chris Tan (Parent)


I find the time learning violin at Liberal Music & Arts School a meaningful and worthwhile experience. The school is very flexible and accommodating in planning the schedules for every lesson, including make up lessons, and it is very easy for me to communicate with the school admin in charge. In addition, the school has provided me with a good violin teacher from Eastern Europe that engages my interest deeper in violin and motivating me to make use of my time more wisely to practice whenever I have the free time. The lessons were interesting because I was taught some unique techniques that I had never encountered ever since I started playing the violin.

As I am preparing for my Grade 6 Practical Exam, my violin teacher is very patience with me to get me onto the right track by spotting all my past flaws and correcting them. I find it easy to communicate with her as she is understanding and approachable. She is truly a great violin teacher as well as a great violinist. She makes me feel anticipated to go for every violin lesson and I always leave with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment after every lesson because I have learnt something new again. She is very meticulous and pays attention to teaching all the small details that aid me to play better. I am very satisfied with my violin teacher and I am glad I chose this School.

~ Ms. Li Boya (Grade 6 Violin student)


“LIBERAL MUSIC & ARTS SCHOOL has played a significant role in helping me discover my passion for music. There are always qualified instructors who conduct lessons in an engaging manner. I believe that this is important in helping students look forward to lessons and become motivated to practice consistently. I started my musical journey with the school since 2009 before I turn 50 under the tutelage of Ms Chen. I was captivated by the sounds of Erhu since little and had always wanted to learn this instrument. Ms Chen has the knowledge, experience and depth I needed in a teacher. Her patience and encouragement continues to propel me forward to learn. She has made me believe that I actually can play the Erhu after all these years and have fun too!”

~ Ms Kok (Grade 5 student)


“Stephanie has discovered the joy of playing the Erhu since she joined Liberal Music & Arts School in January 2010. She scored high distinction in the last two graded exams at the NUS Centre for the Arts. Thanks to the patience of Ms Chen who has played a significant role in nurturing her. Since then, she has been invited and participated in many events and performances. Last year July 2011, she was also selected to perform at the President’s Star Charity Show. Being visually impaired, she has proven that music does change her life and she has become a more cheerful and happier girl, looking forward to soar greater heights in music.”

~ Mr. Ow (Parent of Stephanie, Grade 5 student)


“I enjoy my Erhu lesson under Ms Chen’s tutelage. I love my teacher and always look forward to the weekly lessons. Ms Chen is approachable and very understanding and makes the lesson very engaging.”

~ Maryam, Diploma student